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In this game, an image will be zoomed you will have to guess what it represents.

To help you you can use hints during the game.

If you want to keep your brain in shape using your ability to think and analyze, this game will be the ideal hobby.

Reflection in this word game is important it will be necessary to make run your imagination.

The images in this letter game can represent different things or objects to guess.

It's a simple and fun game to play alone, with friends or family.

If you play our other game; 4 pics 1 words, you may have already played this type of game in special levels.

Just like in our 4 pics1 word, you will have to use your stars at the best moment in order to gain clues.

This game is a simple and pleasant hobby where you will have to use your deductive spirit and your reflective abilities.

Android 4.1+
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