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WorldBox - Sandbox God Simulator App Description


is a free god and simulation Sandbox game.

In this free Sandbox god game you can

create life and watch it prosper!


sheep, wolves, orks, elfs, dwarves, dragons, zombies and other magic creatures! Even UFO!


can craft and build houses, roads and go to war with each other. Help them survive, evolve and build powerful civilization!

The Sandbox.

Play around with different powers. You can dissolve ground with acid rain or even drop an atomic bomb! Spawn tornados, underground worms or a Heat ray. Enjoy creative destruction or craft worlds full of life!


how classic Conway's Game of Life can quickly destroy world civilization. Or create Langton's ant cellular automata


various disasters. Meteorites, volcanos, lava, tornados, geysers and more. Simulate and watch evolution of creatures and the rise of civilizations

Craft a pixel world

. You can build pixel art world using different free tools, magic and brushes. Just use different pixel types for coloring. Be creative!


in your own Sandbox game. Play with different creatures and powers in magic world simulation

Become a God

of your own pixel art world. Create life and build civilization of different mythological races. Build a world of your dreams!

You can play this Sandbox game offline without wi fi or internet connection

Download Super WorldBox - God Game for FREE!

If you are experiencing any problems, please do get in contact with me here: [email protected]

Leave a feedback or a suggestions if you want to see more powers and creatures in this free Sandbox game!




Maxim Karpenko
Android 5.0+
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