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Wiko Launcher P App Description

Easily manage your home screen and optimise your Wiko smartphone.

Only for android P


- Shortcuts: long press on an app icon to access the main functions within it

- Notification badges: see at a glance if you have SMS messages, unread emails, missed calls or locked Apps

- Global search: quickly access your local data or search the web from all home screens by swiping downwards

Key functionalities:

Applications drawer

- Find all your applications in one place

- Access the latest applications launched at the top of the list

- Search locally or in the Play Store

Settings (with a long press on your home screen)

- Personalise your telephone by adding widgets

- Modify your screen background

- Access Wiko Launcher settings

General search(swipe down on your home screen to access)

- Give users a comprehensive search expirence

- Search apps,contacts,files, settings,including in-app search results

- Offers consumers fast access to frequent actions they perform in their favorite apps

- “App name autosuggest” and “search as you type” make access to frequent actions easier and faster

Wiko Mobile
Android 9.0+
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