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Sweet Cotton Candy Maker App Description

Blue, pink, yellow, white, oh my! Cotton Candy comes in many different colors and flavors, and now’s your chance to make your very own whenever you want. Pick your favorite color. Choose a tasty flavor. Mix and match them all! There are tons of options to try, so let’s get to cooking!

In Cotton Candy Maker, grab your sugar and bring your favorite flavors to create an awesome dessert. The machine is ready and warming up; all it needs is you! This sweet treat is so easy to make that you’ll be a professional in no time. Add your sugar, pick your flavor, and spin those ingredients to fluff it up! You can even decorate your cotton candy creation to make a sweet, sweet treat that looks good and tastes good, too. Don’t forget to take a bite when you’re done! It’s melt-in-your-mouth good!

Product Features:

- Easy to use controls for all ages: tap and swipe!

- Simple cooking game that’s fun to master.

- Tons of ways to customize your dessert.

- Fun colors and flavors!

- Adorable decorations to top it off!

- Tons of ways to mix and match!

- Hours of cooking fun!

How to Play:

- Use interactive controls to play the game.

- Choose a tasty flavor and color.

- Spin your cotton candy!

- Decorate it!


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