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Girls, do you want to be very attractive at a fancy dress ball? Do you want to meet a sparkling boyfriend at the ball? If so, help the superstar make up! She is going to a masquerade party, and she wants to be the most visible beauty in the party.

You can wash her face first to make her face moist and bright, or directly help her make up to make her prettier and younger. You can also improve her hands skin first and leave her hand skin silky.You still have a chance to help her get fashionable manicure.Various colors of nail polish, attractive accessories, will make her hands more slender and beautiful.

The most interesting thing is that you can give her a pair of beautiful wings.It will be a very interesting experience, and you will fall in love with making different shapes of wings. Then match her with beautiful clothes and jewelry to make her more glamorous. Finally, choose a handsome boyfriend for her. And help them take some pictures at different place.


1. Give the superstar a deep cleansing of the face and prepare for the delicate makeup.

2. Make a hand spa and improve her hands skin.

3. Give her a manicure and each nail can be designed with different colors and accessories.

4. DIY beauty makeup. Different eye shadow, lipstick, hair accessories, will make you like her dressing room.

5. Cut her a pair of beautiful wings making her like an angel.

6. Dress her with different styles of clothes and jewelry.You can help her try different style: lovely and sweet, or stylish and charming.

7. Find a beautiful place and take pictures for her hand her new boyfriend.

Android 4.2+
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