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The COOLEST city motor racing game is coming! ! !

Gorgeous and realistic design of the motor model! ! !

Complex and varied terrains and racing tracks in city! ! !

The pleasant Rush Racing Mode! ! !

There are beautiful girls, roaring motors, and so on! Satisfy all your desires for speed! ! !

Speed City Moto is a 3D motor racing game. It has quite realistic graphics and sound effects such as the roar of the motors speed away, the sound of motor’s engine, and the squeal of tires. When you overtake all the other opponents, you will be targeted by the police. So you should avoid the arrest of the police at the same time when you drive your own way! ! !


★★★★★ Gorgeous visual effects

★★★★★ Smooth game controlling experience

★★★★★ Exciting background music

★★★★★ Various and complex motor racing tracks

★★★★★ Chasing is more exciting than the event!

Android 2.3.2+
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