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In a forbidden zone, deep in the grip of a freezing winter you are stranded with only a bullying, bad-tempered old man for company. Desperate for supplies, he sends you to find the rare government airdrops that are lost out there, somewhere in the snow.But something else is out there, something evil... and it too is hungry.Using your tracking device, you must search through the snow for the precious supplies. Be as quick as you can, for you are also being hunted.They cannot move if you can see them. If you catch sight of one through the snow and the fog, don't look away.Not even for a moment.FEATURES=========* Fully 3D snowy environment.* Up to four snowlems to face during your quest, each with its own method of hunting you down. They work together!* At first the tracker will lead you home again, but later you'll have to rely on your compass, a few flares and your wits.* Atmospheric music and sound.OTHER INFORMATION=================='Snow' is a survival horror game. While it features no gore or grisly details, there is a sense of dread and the snowlems may give you a startling surprise! For this reason, it is not recommended for the very young or those who do not enjoy jumpscares or games of this nature.'Snow' is supported by adverts, but these have been kept as unobtrusive as possible and only play between levels or at game over, never during the game experience itself. There is also an option to make a small one-off payment at the player's discretion which will remove adverts entirely. There are no other micro-transactions, no push notifications and you do not have to pay to win!The game is still under active development, and it is recommended Snow is allowed to update as required so that you will get access to new levels and features as they arrive.

Catsmeat Studios
Android 4.0.3+
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