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Scary Granny – Horror Game is about a mysterious house which is processed by an evil granny. No one has seen this scary granny for so long. But it is noticed that house lights turned On and Off occasionally. Some people have heard screams from the house. Evil Granny is expert in black magic. She has kept souls of the people in different objects. Your aim is to release these souls. You need to find all souls inside granny house and make sure granny does not catch you. Otherwise you will suffer the same.Souls are locked in different objects like Secret Potion Bottles, Vase, Dolls, Birds, mouse, books, locked cabinets and chests. You can hide under the bed and inside the cabinets. Every time you release a soul granny knows where you are. You need to be quiet, there are traps in the house, If you will make some noise by dropping objects Granny will reach you. There might be some doors locked. You have to find keys to unlock them as well.Let’s install and enjoy!!Features:• High Quality 3D Graphics!• Amazing Sounds!• Smooth and Easy Controls!• Interesting activities!• Direction map and Hints!• Addictive

Z & K Games
Android 4.2+
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