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Roller Coaster Train Simulator App Description

Start your train driving career right now! Become a machinist in the amusement park, ride a roller coaster train and have fun!

Build your own Montaña Rusa (Russian slides) and other rollercoaster tycoon attractions! Raise up your speed at the downhill, lower it at the uphills or loops – do your best to entertain your guests!

If you like train driving simulators or amusement park tycoons, this game is made especially for you! Enjoy the train driving, earn money and improve your attractions! Check all types of trains and all kinds of upgrades to choose the best combination for your pleasure! Add new loops, sharp turns and other points and branches of railroad!

Explore all corners of this theme park as the local machinist! Slide up and down, enjoy the view from the driver’s cabin – start your own rush adventure right now!

Enjoy the full customization of your crazy theme park – check a wide range of attractions with various loops, uphills, downhills, and other amusement factories and facilities!

Ultimate roller coaster train driving simulator and railroad builder in one game!

Train Depo
Android 4.1+
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