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RADYO is a comprehensive global radio entertainment application which lets you listen to various music stations in your country.RADYO project has been active since 2009 with your sincere support and it has inspired many music applications during it's development. Again, as we hope, with your help we will keep listening to radio with RADYO in the year 2020 too!We all love music! Different style, different life, the same feeling!Premium features of RADYO is currently FREE for Android users.CONTACT:You can reach us easily and tell us about your ideas or experiences, by using the contact form located on our website or the one integrated right inside the application; may you use the review/comments section of the Store, we may not be able to help you as we will probably not be able to reach you.PERMISSIONS:You have every right to know the details of the permissions used/requested by RADYO. We documented them for you: http://androidradyo.com/permissionsMORE:http://androidradyo.com/featureshttp://androidradyo.com/faq

Android 4.1+
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