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Brick Constructor

How to install APK files

How to get Brick Constructor

On this page, you can download the Brick Constructor app. To make the installation process easy and trouble-free, please follow the instructions below.

Installation on Android

There is one important thing you need to do before installing the Brick Constructor app – check if your device meets the system requirements. To use Brick Constructor on your device, it must have Android 4.4 or later. Also, make sure that you have enough free storage for downloading the app and installing it.

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It is very easy to find out the version of Android installed on your device:

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Scroll the menu down to the submenu called “About Phone” (or “About Tablet” if you want to use Brick Constructor on your tablet).
  • Single tap the submenu to open it.
  • A new section with a list of options will open. Your current Android version will be on the list as well.

Important note: remember that the “About Phone/Tablet” section may look different on your device.

If you cannot find the Android version with this method, try to open this link – – on your device. When the page is loaded, you will see the Android version written at the top of the screen.

Links to Third Party Websites

This is also a very important step, and we do not recommend skipping it and jumping to the download section without checking how much free space you actually have. It takes just a few seconds:

  • Open the Settings menu on your phone/tablet.
  • Find the Storage submenu and open it.

Also, keep in mind that some manufacturers prefer to show how much memory you have used instead of showing the amount of free memory left. In this situation, you need to calculate the free storage space yourself.

When all requirements are met, you can proceed to install the Brick Constructor app on your device. On this page, you can select to download the app from our servers or go to Google Play to get the official app from the developers. If you choose Google Play, all you will need to do is to tap the Install button on the app’s page. The installation process will be initiated and conducted automatically.

If you choose to download the APK file from our servers, the algorithm of your actions will be a bit different. After the app is downloaded, tap on the APK file in your Notification tray and launch the installation manually. Alternatively, you can open the folder with your Downloads in the app drawer or with the help of any file manager. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Installing on iOS

We also recommend checking the system requirements and iOS version compatibility before installing Brick Constructor on any iOS device. At the time of writing this guide, you need to have iOS 9.0 or later to use the app on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. In addition to that, you need 300MB of free storage space to install the app. Also, remember that the installer itself is about 30MB in size.

Version and Memory

To find out the current version of iOS you have on your device, open the Settings menu, go to the General section, then tap About. Here you will see the general capacity of the device. The amount of free storage available to you can also be checked in this section.

For more detailed information visit the official Apple website (or click this link:

Now, when you are sure that nothing prevents you from installing Brick Constructor on your iOS device, you can proceed to download the installer. On this page, you need to click the Download from App Store button.

You will be transferred directly to the official application store. There you will find the latest version of the app provided by its developers. Tap the Install button, and the installation process will be initiated and conducted automatically.