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Power Rangers! Listen up! Earth is in danger and only YOU can stop the evil space witch Rita Repulsa and her dastardly minions from carrying out her sinister plans and spreading chaos throughout Angel Grove!

Take on the mantle of your favorite Mighty Morphin Power Ranger! Embark on dozens of exciting missions throughout Angel Grove as you unlock new Rangers and level up your team, while mastering new challenges in a world visually-inspired by and featuring art from the award-winning Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book, produced by BOOM! Studios and Saban Brands.


• A brand new adventure based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and featuring artwork from the award-winning comic book!

• Dozens of missions across six action-packed chapters!

• Immerse yourself into a world featuring the superb comic book art of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Boom! Studios and Saban Brands!

• Explore the world with an awesome and exclusive soundtrack of Power Rangers’ theme music remixes!

• Beat down literally thousands of Putty Patrollers!

• Get the upper hand on iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers villains, including Scorpina, Goldar, Finster and more!

• Give Rita Repulsa regular headaches by foiling her plans!

• Level up iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers stats, improving survivability, defense, attacks and special abilities!

• Put your Ranger skills to the test by unlocking and mastering new challenge scenarios as you level up!

• Save the world with Morphinomenal teen attitude!

It's Morphin Time!

Android 6.0+
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