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Photo Window: Photo Effects App Description

Would you like to try picture-in-picture (PIP) effects repeated to infinity? Or unique funny face effects? How about getting creative by shaping beautiful artworks based on animated droste effect? Photo Window app makes all of this possible!

• Select from different shapes of the picture window (elliptical suits best for funny face effects, polygonal for repetition inside frame-like objects)

• Setup the effect in real-time pip camera preview or use photos from your gallery

• Save the picture and get dragged into the


• Improve your creation with the editor features

• Fly straight through the picture in an immersive 2D / 3D animation

• Create funny animated



• Share funny photos, selfie or GIF animations on social networks, via messengers, etc.


Photosensitive seizure warning:

Please make sure you read the following warning and understand the risks involved with the usage of Photo Window application:



Sharing of GIF animations might not work on certain social networks, because of the lack of GIF support on their side.

Vacuapps s. r. o.
Android 4.1+
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