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▶The most popular app in Korea

Provided by NAVER.COM, the No.1 search portal service in Korea, this dictionary app offers accurate and abundant contents.

■ Effective helper for learning Korean

- 6.57M words and 2.84M examples

- Related forms and grammar tips

Study origin words, derivatives, and applications

- Voice actor-recorded pronunciation as well as TTS pronunciation

- Fun usage of the word

- Word book: Create your own word book with vocabulary of your choice

- Today's Korean: learn Korean with a new conversation script every day

- V LIVE Fansubs: real examples from dictionary search page

■ Easy to input foreign languages

- Handwriting, voice, and text recognition input methods:

offered depending on the language characteristics of the relevant dictionary

- Easy search with word auto-complete feature!

■ Collaborative Dictionary

- Open Dictionary: Share words that aren't found in the dictionary

- User Translation: Challenge yourself with Korean↔English translation!


- Encyclopedia of Knowledge

- Korean Dictionary

- Korean Dictionary for learners: English/Arabic/Chinese/French/Indonesian/Mongolian/Russian/Spanish/Thai/Vietnamese

- English Dictionary: English-Korean, Korean-English, English-English, English-Indonesian

- Japanese Dictionary: Japanese-Korean, Korean-Japanese, Japanese Chinese Character

- Chinese Dictionary: Chinese-Korean, Korean-Chinese

- Chinese Character Dictionary

- Albanian Dictionary: Albanian-Korean

- Arabic Dictionary: Korean-Arabic

- Burmese Dictionary: Burmese-Korean

- Cambodian Dictionary: Cambodian-Korean

- Czech Dictionary: Czech-Korean

- Dutch Dictionary: Dutch-Korean, Korean-Dutch

- Finnish Dictionary: Finnish-Korean

- French Dictionary: French-Korean, Korean-French

- Georgian Dictionary: Georgian-Korean

- German Dictionary: German-Korean, Korean-German

- Greek Dictionary(Modern/Ancient) : Greek-Korean

- Hebrew Dictionary(Ancient): Hebrew-Korean

- Hindi Dictionary: Hindi-Korean, Korean-Hindi

- Hungarian Dictionary: Hungarian-Korean, Korean-Hungarian

- Indonesian Dictionary: Indonesian-Korean

- Italian Dictionary: Italian-Korean, Korean-Italian

- Latin Dictionary: Latin-Korean

- Mongolian Dictionary: Mongolian-Korean

- Nepali Dictionary: Nepali-Korean

- Persian Dictionary: Persian-Korean

- Polish Dictionary: Polish-Korean

- Portuguese Dictionary: Portuguese-Korean, Korean-Portuguese

- Romanian Dictionary: Romanian-Korean

- Russian Dictionary: Russian-Korean, Korean-Russian

- Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-Korean, Korean-Spanish

- Swahili Dictionary: Swahili-Korean

- Swedish Dictionary: Swedish-Korean, Korean-Swedish

- Tetum Dictionary: Tetum-Korean

- Thai Dictionary: Thai-Korean, Korean-Thai

- Turkish Dictionary: Korean-Turkish

- Ukrainian Dictionary: Ukrainian-Korean

- Uzbek Dictionary: Uzbek-Korean, Korean-Uzbek

- Vietnamese Dictionary: Vietnamese-Korean, Korean-Vietnamese

- Open Dictionary

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