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This guide of Tamagotchi Forever will help you to raise your Tamagotchi and how to make sure you feed, clean up after it wash, you will have fun with your kind Tamagotchi character: by exploring Tamatown together, playing mini games andmaking friends with other Tamagotchi eveyday ,enlove your Tamagotchi characters to another Depending on the care you provide they will evolve into different Tamagotchi characters as they growDont forget to put your Tamagotchi to bed!you wil have to collect your best memorable best events and moments shared with your Tamagotchi you will be able to collect coins and levelling-up! - Raise your very own Tamagotchi charactersHelp your Tamagotchi toexplore Tamatownmake friendsPlay mini gamesmeet other Tamagotchi friendsYou'll need to play, feed, bathe and put it to bed in order**Disclamer**My Tamagotchi Forever is not the official app for My Tamagotchi it's only an informative application to help and guide users*this app is just a guide to help*, and it's not an official app

Android 3.0+
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