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In muscle car simulator you will drive from the beginning a cool car. when you start you have to do a easy level to start with so you can feel how the car is reacting. After an easy start the game will be more difficult.When you finish a level you will be rewarded with money. Your well earned money can be used to upgrade your car or unlock another one. To make it a little bit easier we decide to give you some money at the beginning of the game so you can choose to upgrade your car right away. Or save your money so you can buy earlier your new guy Muscle Car Simulator has 30 different parking situations. So you have a lot of unlocking to do to create your own ultimate muscle car. To be sure you are going the right way there is also a minimap where you can find your way to your destination. Features of Muscle Car Simulator: •30 different parking situations•Upgrade your car•Unlock new cars•Earn money by completing levels •4 different camera angles •5 cool muscle cars You can enjoy your driving with 4 different camera angles. Muscle Car simulator is a fun game to play and you will definitely enjoy it. We hope you will enjoy this parking simulation game and we hope that you will give us some support by rating our game on Google Play or following us so we can keep you up to date with our latest new games.👉

Android 2.0.1+
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