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Welcome to the most popular Android Calculator. It is compatible with Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus and of course, Xiaomi.

It will do the math for you. All-in-one calculator for you.

Regular, scientific, and mortgage calculators, as well as currency and unit converters and much more, are all here in one place.

1. Basic calculator: Edit history and view previous results in the regular calculator.

2. Scientific calculator: Find trigonometric functions, logarithms, and more additional features in the scientific calculator.

3. Currency converter: Daily updated exchange rates in the universal currency converter.

4. Loan/Mortgage calculator: Know the exact amount of the next instalment with the loan/mortgage calculator.

5. Converters: Freely convert units of length, area, volume, speed, time, and mass in the unit converter

6. Age calculator: Calculate your age accurately and know more details about the birth date

7. GST calculator: Get the GST you are paying for your goods (For India)

8. BMI calculator: Stay fit by knowing your BMI

9. Discount Calculator: Know the exact discount amount you are going to get

10. Date Calculator: Find the difference between two dates

Xiaomi Inc.
Android 6.0+
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