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Menu Button (No root) App Description

Restore the lost menu button from Android. root is not required.

You can regain the function of the application whose menu cannot be displayed.

The "Home, Back, Recent Apps" button is useful when a physical button fails.

🌟 Basic functions

Show Menu Button

Register the application to use

Customize the buttons to your liking

(Size, transparency, color, icon, position)

🌟 Feature

Buttons can be added freely.

You can customize the behavior when tapping and holding down.

🌟 Other buttons

Back button

Home button

Recent Apps button

Power button

Volume Up button

Volume Down button

Mute button

Enter key button

Space key button

Arrow key buttons

Tab-key button

Page-up button

Page-down button

🌟 Remarks

This app will add a keyboard.

Due to a technical issue a keyboard is required to execute the menu keys.

Used to send a key when the button is pressed.

This app uses Accessibility services.

The user setting is reflected when the displayed application changes.

Takes the following actions when the user presses the overlay button:

(Home, back, recent apps, power menu)

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Android 4.1+
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