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MAD FUT 21 Draft & Pack Opener App Description

Welcome to Madfut! We are massive fans of FUT, and we set out to create the FUT app of the season that looks great, works perfectly, and NEVER gets boring!

• Build Squads and Drafts, and compete in exciting knock-out Tournaments to win great rewards

• Open unlimited Packs, incredible Player Picks, and guaranteed New Card packs to get 100% Collection

• Finish daily Squad Building Challenges (SBC) to earn awesome rewards and unique cards

• Complete Pack and Draft Of The Day (POTD & DOTD) objectives to get super rewards every day

And get ready for non-stop new content all year!

• DAILY new Packs & Player Picks, Squad Building Challenges, and Objectives

• WEEKLY New Cards and Premium SBCs

• NEW features, brand new original modes, in-game events and new achievements coming every couple of weeks!

We can’t wait to show you everything we have planned this season! It’s gonna be mad. ;)

Android 6.0+
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