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Ludo classic is a classic chessboard puzzle game. The rules are simple and addictive. Four colors can be selected, roll dice to start the game. Although it does take some luck, winning depends more on a wise strategy. The game can be played between 2 and 4 players, and you can choose to fight with a computer or a friend. You can enjoy this classic game with friends or family at any time.Ludo games dates back to the 6th century in India, a court game called parchisi. It's also similar to Spanish board games. Ludo has been popular and now it's available on Android phones and has been improved.How To Play:1. Each player needs to roll dice to start the game2. You need the number 6 to place the piece on the starting point and start moving it.3. Roll the dice clockwise and in sequence, and roll again when the number is 6.4. The chess pieces will also move clockwise. When you move all four pieces to the center of the same color, you will win.5. When the pieces of different colors move to the same space, the pieces that arrive first are eliminated6. When you eliminate your opponent's pieces, you can roll the dice againFeatures:- Classic and interesting Ludo game- You can choose 2-4 people to fight- Play offline without WiFi- You can play with friends and family- It's challenging to fight against computers- The game is completely free and there is no time limit

Cortney Veridiana
Android 4.4+
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