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Are you tired of hard core defense games? Then, try this one!

This is an easy-to-play defense game in a very cute cartoon style.

War has entered the intensified stage: the city has been surrounded by tanks; the guards have lost contact with the main force. At this critical moment, how should you rescue your companions as a little commander? Take your heart and you may change the war!

In this game, you shall act as a little commander, who has taken control of a small troop temporarily. Your goal is to fight against the waves of enemies’ attacks!

While fighting against your enemies, you should to improve your strategy and become a better commander!

There are 6 different types of upgradable turrets available in the game; you should arrange them wisely on the enemies’ pathway to block them.


- Supports English, 简体中文 , 正體中文, 日本語, 한국의

- Strong atmosphere of World War II, the cartoon-style graphic design and the excellent sound effect.

- Real weapons in World War II are available in cartoon style.

- Easy to operate: drag and drop to build units; pinch to zoom in/out.

- 75 well designed levels, and more are coming soon.

- 3 different game modes (Normal, Endless, Single Life)

- 6 different types of upgradable turrets.

- 10 types of well designed enemy units.

- Special Weapons: call bombers to destroy all enemies by carpet bombing

- 3 different eye-catching theme terrains.

- Facility for newbie: enjoy the casual mode!

- Record many famous battles int WW II.

Cat Studio
Android 4.0.3+
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