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Do you like to look at the flame? Wanna to admire the flame endlessly? Youll get the lighter fire in the phone. Youll be able to look at the flame as long as you want with the Lighter Simulator app help.

Download and install the Lighter Simulator game on the phone and have fun with the friends! Open the app. Choose your favorite lighter. Press the button. The beautiful amazing virtual fire will appear!

You can prank the friends! You pretend to burn yourself or accidentally set fire to a piece of paper. Let them think your phone is the real lighter! For realism, we added sounds of flashing fire. Close the cap or press the ignition mechanism to put out the fire.

Please note! The Lighter Simulator app is just a joke and is not really a lighter. You cant burn anything or get hurt using this simulator. The app is safe for health and people around you. The app is designed for playing, drawing and fun.

Android 4.1+
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