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Home is a necessity that cannot be negotiated for everyone. The house, besides being able to protect its inhabitants in hot and rainy conditions, is also a place to gather with other family members so that the house always feels warm. Having a comfortable home is certainly the dream of everyone, especially those who already have a partner. However, for newly married couples who are still very young, the dream of being able to own a home is often constrained by funding problems. This is indeed very natural because a young couple must have pioneered a new life and pioneered financial preparation.

The price of housing every year does increase significantly so that owning a house can often only be wishful thinking. Even so, now banking has made it easier for many people to provide mortgage products so that buying a house can also be paid in installments. With the help of a mortgage loan from a bank, the dream of being able to own a house can be even closer. Do not forget to think about the desired design of the house so that later the house that was built was indeed for the wishes of both of you.

Usually the new couples tend to choose the type of house that tends to be small, at least with 2 rooms. This is because besides the price is more affordable, both of you also don't need too many rooms because you don't have children, right? For this reason, here are some examples of simple house plans and pictures that you can inspire for your dream home:

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