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Do you can clear many seconds ....Every time, please the goal of the maze that is generated automatically.In perspective type of maze, you can easily operated with one hand.Please try to challenge a little time."Labyrinth Limited Edition" has become possible to play stage of up to 10 × 10.---------------------------------------------In this application, contains the mediba advertising module Corporation.Your user information of, in a way that it is not possible to identify an individual, to collect and classify, and then use the advertising service.For also au of customers, there are times when it is done the delivery of recommended advertising customers use information as a statistical pattern.Please check the KDDI Corporation privacy policy for more information.※ start of information disclosure page published and recommended type ad is scheduled to early December.The user information will include the following main thing.History informationView / click history information of advertising within this appTerminal identification informationI will save the value of anonymity that we were originally issued to the SD card of your terminal.In addition, the subject of the information collection, has been limited to advertising that appears in this app.Customers, even after this application download, will be able to reject the advertisement distribution that is based on these information.For more information, this app developers site, as well as, Please check the following URL.KDDI CORPORATION Privacy Policy user information policy in the Corporation mediba ad delivery

2.2 - 5.0
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