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Interpreter acquires text by your voice in real time, translates it and reads it for you into one the 118 (*) languages. 65 voices. 🇺🇸

Main features:

- 👂 Listen your voice

Recognizes what you say through the advanced vocal recognition software.

- 🌐 Translate into more than 118 languages

Unlimited and immediate online translator.

- 👄 Read text

Automatic spoken interpretation into the desired language. The text-to-speech features its capabilities.

- 📃 Translation history

Every translation is recorded on device and is available offline for later reading.

- 🔁 Quick sharing

Quick sharing of translator texts via social network, mail or other app without closing the application. You can move the text to any other application by using the Copy to Clipboard function.

- 🖼 Fullscreen

maximized text view.

- 📰 Create documents from the translation

Translations can be exported and downloaded in Adobe PDF format for later reading.

- 🔵 Facebook share

Facebook share option allow to share translations through facebook.

- 📣 Speakerphone option

Speakerphone option allow to read translation in higher volume.

- 🔊 Offlilne sound reader option

Native TTS engine is integrated.

- 📷 image text recognition

recognizes and translates text from by your camera

- 🎵 Save translated audio

if you have any questions about Interpreter voice translator app, please contact our support: [email protected]

(*) Available languages for translator are :

Afrikaans,Albanian,Amharic,Arabic,Armenian,Azerbaijani,Basque,Belarusian,Bengali,Bosnian,Bulgarian,Burmese,Cantonese (traditional),Catalan,Cebuano,Chinese (China),Chinese (Taiwan),Corsican,Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,English,Esperanto,Estonian,Fijian,Filipino,Finnish,French,Frisian,Gallegan,Georgian,German,Greek,Gujarati,Haitian,Hausa,Hawaiian,Hebrew,Hindi,Hmong,Hmong daw,Hungarian,Icelandic,Igbo,Indonesian,Irish,Italian,Japanese,Javanese,Kannada,Kazakh,Khmer,Kinyarwanda,Kirghiz,Korean,Kurdish,Lao,Latin,Latvian,Lithuanian,Luxembourgish,Macedonian,Malagasy,Malay,Malayalam,Maltese,Maori,Marathi,Mongolian,Nepali,Norwegian,Nyanja,Oriya,Panjabi,Persian,Polish,Portuguese,Portuguese (Brazil),Pushto,Querètaro otomi,Romanian,Russian,Samoan,Scottish gaelic,Serbian (cyrillic),Serbian (latin),Shona,Sindhi,Sinhalese,Slovak,Slovenian,Somali,Southern sotho,Spanish,Sundanese,Swahili,Swedish,Tagalog,Tahitian,Tajik,Tamil,Tatar,Telugu,Thai,Tonga,Turkish,Uighur,Ukrainian,Urdu,Uzbek,Vietnamese,Welsh,Xhosa,Yiddish,Yoruba,Yucatec maya,Zulu

(*) The available languages for spoken text for Interpreter voice translator are :

Afrikaans,Albanian,Arabic,Armenian,Bengali,Bosnian,Bulgarian,Burmese,Cantonese (traditional),Catalan,Chinese (China),Chinese (Taiwan),Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,English,Esperanto,Estonian,Finnish,French,German,Greek,Gujarati,Hebrew,Hindi,Hungarian,Icelandic,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Javanese,Kannada,Khmer,Korean,Latin,Latvian,Macedonian,Malay,Malayalam,Marathi,Nepali,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Portuguese (Brazil),Romanian,Russian,Serbian (cyrillic),Sinhalese,Slovak,Slovenian,Spanish,Sundanese,Swahili,Swedish,Tagalog,Tamil,Telugu,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Urdu,Vietnamese,Welsh

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Your privacy is safe with data, translations or geographical position are not collected.

For more details goto our privacy page.

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Android 5.0+
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