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The description of ImmunifyMe

ImmunifyMe is a cloud-based eco-system solution consisting of a web interface, a responsive Mobile App, and a SmartCard.

We have a smart card containing a QR code. This card can contain even the smallest of the details of a newborn child and help the parents and the doctor evaluate his/her physical and mental growth through the app only. We have allowed the doctor and the parents both to fill in the details of their children in the app. Once the details are filled in, the app using the in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) starts showing comparative analysis of child's growth, which will be based on their demographic and geographical presence.

What all do we offer?

Digitized Vaccination records and Reminders

Vaccination records are your baby’s first and one of the most crucial health records. ImmunifyMe keeps the records in digital form so that you find them whenever you need them. If you are still using the old paper booklet to keep your child’s vaccination records, find out why you should digitize them now!

Telemedicine 2.0

Have an urgent meeting but you also need to see the pediatrician? No need to take a day off… Consult with your favorite pediatrician from the comfort of your living room or you decide the place, date, and time! consult with them online!

Digital Prescription

All the prescriptions which have been written by the doctor can be stored and shared when it is needed. So, no more hassles in finding the paper prescription. Store all the health records of your child in one place, never to lose it again!

Milestone Tracking

The first few years are crucial for your child’s growth. Our intelligent AI-powered programming assesses your child’s growth and various parameters like physical, mental, emotional and cognitive, etc. It predicts the onset of certain anomalies thus giving you that urgent early warning to consult the specialists on time!

Customized Nutrition Plan

It is said that you become what you eat! The first two years are important for your child’s growth and parents often worry about what to feed their child. With the help of one-on-one teleconsultation and our AI-powered recommendation tool, our team of professional nutritionists with specialization in child nutrition helps you choose the right nutrition for your child. All these and more for less than Rs. 10 a day! Don’t think too much, this is the best gift you can give to your child, his/her health!


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