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HorseWorld – My Riding Horse - Play the game App Description

With "Horse World - My Riding Horse" you're immersed in the world of the equestrian center. Ride your horse anytime you want! You'll learn valuable things about caring for a horse, take lessons in the riding ring and master diverse tasks. You'll become a horse aficionado in our riding game and have tons of fun playing with your favorite animal.


★ Learn lots worth knowing about caring for a horse

★ Your own horse - pet and ride

★ Show your abilities and ride to beat the time

★ Collect horseshoes and use them to buy inventory for the tack room

★ Jump courses, ride into the countryside and even more courses

Expand your horse knowledge

In the stall you'll learn a lot about taking care of your horse. You can currycomb, brush and pet your horse. The hooves must be cleaned and the stall needs fresh straw. It's all possible by touching the touchscreen.

Lessons in the riding ring

After you have everything done with your horse, you'll get a riding lesson. In the course you'll show your skill at riding, try to follow the riding line as closely as possible and thereby try to achieve the best time.

Tack room

In the game you'll receive horseshoes for your accomplishments. You need the horseshoes to buy inventory such as bridles, saddles or horse rugs.

Even more playing fun on the jump course and when riding into the countryside

Want even more playing fun? Then you can unlock additional areas as in-app purchases. In the jump course you jump over the obstacles. Your Android device will turn into a rein in which you can lead your horse through the motions with your device. Even a ride through nature is possible. Ride through the country or by the sea and always without directional limitations.


If you have questions or problems related to the app or in-app purchases, please feel free to contact us via our facebook page

Android 4.0.3+
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Download HorseWorld – My Riding Horse - Play the game APK