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BE CAREFUL!!!: You might die if your moto is out of gas or hit your head on the ground"Hill Motor Racing" is mountain moto adventure game and is the best racing games in 2014.STORYLet’s meet Jimmy madness – a superb motor racing adventure. Jimmy's initial racing experience came in motocross. He love to race on bad roads and make crazy jumps on bad hills. Jimmy like to ride along the country roads on a dirt bike to explore the surrounding countryside by his speed moto.Play through extreme dangerous raceway, he must face deadliest, damage, but he got lot of life experiences. Time is waiting nothing and he tried his young age to challenges and get succesful. His friends respect and call him: Jimmy Ghost Rider.FEATURES- Race as fast as you can on extreme bad hill and keep your head doesn't hit the ground. We will bring gas to your motorbike, but you must race to get it.- Along the way to conquer bad roads, you will be enjoy beautiful view such as: magnificent Paris, Egyptian mystery, desert harsh, coast dreamy night ...- Also, you can collect gold coins along the way to upgrade the motorbikes, change scenes play, or try better motorbikes.- After game over, you can share your best runs distance on social network- "Hill Motor Racing" with cool graphics, smooth physics simulation and smooth game control, will make you satisfy.Now let join with us, win and get to the top of the global leaderboardsRedPlay Game Studio looking forward your comments or feedback for better game development. If you like "Hill Motor Racing", please take a moment to rate and review it. We are happy to serve you.Enjoy!

Android 2.3.2+
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