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The Gun Strike Mobile Shoot Game is a first-person perspective action shooting survival game with high-definition graphics and a perfect shooting experience. The rules are simple. Find enemies on the map and kill them and win the game. The game contains interesting

leaderboard and achievements systems. Share it with your friends, compete with your friends and try to rank first on the leaderboard.


❶. Slide the left half of the screen to control the walking of the character.

❷. Slide the right half of the screen to control the direction of the character.

❸. If you feel that the game is not well controlled. You can adjust the Control Sensitivity and Smoothness by clicking the Settings button in the game until you get the value that best suits your device.

❹.weapon (Pistol ) can be used free of charge, and other weapons need to be purchased with gold coins.

❺. Win the game to get the gold coin reward, and also provide free access to gold coins, so that your game is not hindered.

We will continue to update the game's features and gameplay. You have any good suggestions in the game and would like to give us feedback, so stay tuned!

If you think the game is not bad, We hope you can share it with your friends around you.

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Android 4.1+
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