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GPS Map Camera App Description

Please watch the teach video to know how to use it.

When you take a picture, this application will paste the

map, address, weather and date

to picture. (GPS


information also could be included)

This application is easy to get/set GPS location and GPS coordination for GPS Tag request.

[Quick GPS Map Camera Guideline]

When GPS Map Camera start, map/address/weather will be displayed on the camera preview. You can

check the location/coordination before camera capture


If you want to

fine tune the location

, manually setup the latitude and longitude also supported. (left-top button)

Support some

drawing styles

for map/address/weather/date. (left-top second button)


a variety of file-name formats

to help you arrange your photos. (right-top second button)

You can

change the picture save folder

for help arrange photos. (right-top button)

In the camera setting page, the similar functions will be grouped with the same color.

- Camera Choice

- Flash

- Scene/Exposure/White Balance/ISO/Color Effect

- Focus Mode

- Anti-banding

- Picture Size/Picture Quality

- GPS Use/GPS picture save/Mp Type/Map Resolution/Map Zoom Scale/Map Size

- Photo Viewer

- Sound

- Prompt Dialog

The color of function string is white as default. If change to another function, the color will change to grouped color. It's better to recognize what you set.


- Camera focus and zoom operation when preview:

Focus: use one finger to touch the screen.

Zoom: use two fingers to zoom in/out.


- Don't want to get MAP:

Settings -> GPS picture save -> one (original)

- Don't want to save GPS position:

Settings -> GPS Use -> disable GPS

- Don't want to popup prompt dialog:

Settings -> Prompt Dialog -> disable


Thank you for use and watch! Hope this app is helpful for you.

Android 4.0+
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