Gold Rush: New Season

2.2 for Android Always Good

The description of Gold Rush: New Season

North America holds in its depths unknown and untold treasures.Nowhere on the planet can not find more gold than in North America.Alaska gold prospectors from beginners make.Braves work in the gold mines and gold mines in the hope to take lots and lots of gold.Brave divers are lowered into the water to take a gold Bering Sea.They are ready to get the gold from under the ice Bering Sea that would enter the American dream.And the one who went to the American dream should be strong and courageous, do not retreat, and are not afraid!Always learn and gain experience!And only then, California, Alaska, Klondike, Yukon and the Bering Sea give their gold from the depths of darkness.A new season of the Gold Rush!!!A new season of gold mining!!!Play the game and reaches the best results!Dig for gold, your dream come true, to become financially independent and prosperous! Acquire the best machines and equipment for the extraction of gold.For machines need fuel - you need a lot of fuel. If the fuel is over - stop automatic extraction of gold!Gold mining requires payment of taxes! Gold mining - your technique and equipment operate at full capacity! Your technique and equipment needs timely repair!Progressed from novice to experienced, hardened prospector! Gold mining requires a tremendous effort! Gold mining requires limitless patience! Gold mining requires unwavering perseverance! Only bold and solid spirit people own gold! All or nothing!Gold Rush: New SeasonGold Rush! Always Gold!Dig for gold! Always gold!In the game you will become a gold miner and prospector!It's hard to become a prospector!It's hard to stay prospector!But even harder to stay gold miner!Gold miner is the one who is going to end!Gold miner takes all the gold!Gold miner gets complete satisfaction!Mine gold everywhere and always!Gold mine constantly!Gold Rush! Always Gold!ADVICE:Closed the game continues to playThe price of fuel varies periodically. Make a purchase at a bargain priceIf the fuel is over - stop automatic extraction of goldMachines and enough fuel to them provide automatic extraction of goldTools and outfit miner provide profit from each touch

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Technical Information

  • Name
    Gold Rush: New Season
  • PriceFree
  • Version2.2
  • Requires2.3 and up
  • Updated2021-12-05
  • DeveloperAlways Good
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