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This is the No. 1 favorite slot game, giving you a wilder experience than ever, introducing Gold Minner. You are living in a real gold and diamond, your task is to make a lot of money

By pulling them from below the mine. The game will take you to the ultimate adventure, where you can return to the history of gold mining, this is a challenging task, you will have to

Go in the dark tunnel carefully pull each piece of gold up, not so simple in the gold mine is full of explosives, but the predator, but the bone mold challenge, dodge them because it is not beneficial to you, skillful

Evading is your smart choice.

★ Options and gold rush skills ★

+ Various difficulty levels

+ Keep away from boom, stone, animal fossil

+ There will be some bags with special gifts

+ Use more support items at the shop to make it easier play

+ Very nice graphics

+ Live sound hilarious

In the game, you will be practicing your ingenuity to pass each level, experiencing the real heat in the mines. Practice your hands to avoid the things you do not want to pull up, fast

Quickly hand the eye, using additional support items to boost yourself to complete the task as quickly as possible. The authenticity of the game is an experience not to be missed.

★ How to feature ★

+ This is a free game

+ Extremely light weight, easy to install

+ The game is very real

★★★ Best game in gold mine games ★★★

★★★ Play Everywhere ★★★

★★★ For All Ages ★★★

If you have difficulty playing or are willing to contribute to the game, please email us at: [email protected]

Android 4.0+
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