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Ghost Town Mystery : A Hidden Object Game 100 Level is Free-2-play game, Incredible adventures of the world! Try best new Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, and join the once great race of the elves!Team of CID is trying to solve the Mystery is to Explore the enchanted castle,lost temple, find hidden treasure and discover the mystery of the lost island of the world! Walk through the ghost town city and find all the hidden clues which let you story of mystery island society that lived there a long time ago. Play Lost Island City Hidden Object Adventure Games Free and Check the map for the legend of island ,grab your magnifying glass and start the mystery quest. This is one of the greatest seek and find games with hidden city adventure you are going to love!Find out the secrets behind the lost island's disappearance! Search for hidden objects in 100 challenging levels to find 10000 of clues and unravel the mystery of The Lost island!Hidden Object Game 100 levels with CID - CBI - CIA - FBI theme is Beautiful Brain teaser Classical hidden object games. Are you ready for playing an awesome addicted challenge of ìfind the Hidden Objectsî or ìMystery Mission of Hidden Objectsî adventure game Free? Enjoy the most Stunning and adventurous games of criminal murder crime case to investigate unsolvable murder case. CID - CBI - CIA - FBI Agent Team are here to investigation murder scene floor to analyze , interrogate , find evidence , clue ,and suspects. Guess who is the serial killer?CBI - FBI CID Crime Case Investigation Hidden Object game is ADVENTURE GAME of crime case solving cases has many secret items in a each Stories. Enjoy greatest and HD realistic crime scene floor with different mystery and horror house places. Your goal is to find series of secret clue , evidence , analyze scene , suspects hidden objects on each level. Use Hint buttons to find items quickly.If you cant find the clues or case is unsolved than case will be handed to the CID (Crime Investigation Department) Team for further Investigations. Be the Hero by solving this crime case Criminal case and get chance to join the CID - CBI - FBI Crime Case team."Find - hidden Objects" is one of the top rated best hide seek game to kill time pass with beautiful challenging mansion rooms or goals. Find 10 hidden objects or suspects from the scene of rooms , garden , hospital , mystery crime case , beautiful nature, kids , animal , flower to solve the mystery of murder case and unlock new case of advanture. This version of Hidden Objects game is totally free to play for all generation young, kids, adults. "Hidden Objects" CBI - FBI Crime Case Investigation puzzles is one of the best way to solve hidden mystery between photo, pictures , puzzles with beautiful pictures of hotel rooms , garden flower, jungle animals.The beautiful game scene design will provides hours and hours of joy,fun to search for a variety of hidden items likes of mystery items, diamonds, treasures, chocolates,candy, fruits and vegetables,wild animals like dogs and cats, parrot and teddy bear , big toys, bear etc. Search seek and find secret hidden objects in a two picture and explore the mysterious differences beyond your imagination with stunning mystery 100 levels and challenging puzzles.* Features *-------------------------------------------- More than 100 interesting quests and puzzle.- Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes.- Invastigate Hidden Scene,Assemble collections, gather old antique objects, and gain achievements.- Explore Hidden places located in the Lost Lands!- Magnifying glass button to use the hint for help!- Zoom in the picture to find the objects!- Move picture when it is zoomed!- Zoom out to see mystery scene again!- Offline game, no need of internet to play games.- More than 10000 hidden objects to find in lost island of the world! Regular free updates! Many More Levels still to come. Collection and achievements.

Android 4.4+
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