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Ghost Photo Prank App Description

Make a scary

ghost prank

to your friends, add

ghosts in your photos

and sounds.

Select a ghost and his situation that will come in the picture, ask them to make a picture with your camera and go, appear a scare surprise, share and send social networks, is a very funny scary and fear prank, Ideal for april fools day.

✔️ Select a Ghost

✔️ Select the position

✔️ Select a picture or take a photo

✔️ Share

✔️ Play scary sounds

You can

save photos (/pictures)

, undo and reload new ghosts, you can move it wherever you want and add as many as you want. This will

scare your friends

and family.

With "

Ghost photo prank

" You can play up to

fifteen ghostly sounds


Warning: This Ghost Scary Prank is a Terror Game with songs may cause fear, terror or panic, use this



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Android 4.0+
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