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Ghost in Photo Prank - Ghost Stickers App Description

Ghost in Photo Prank is the best way to add Ghosts to Pictures, Ghost in Camera and Prank your friends with Ghosts.

Ghost in Photo comes in five different modes:

Ghost in Picture

- Select any of your photos and you can add Ghosts in Photos to fool your friends. Ghosts in Pictures can be adjusted for Transparency to that Ghosts look realistic. You can chose a Picture of your house and add Ghost in this house picture.

Wide any of ghosts are added to make your Ghost Pictures realistic and unique.

Ghost in Camera

- Ghost in Camera shows ghosts on your camera preview before taking Ghost Photos. You can adjust transparency for example to make Ghost in this house look realistic. Ghost Camera creates best Ghost in Photo Prank so that you can fool your friends.

Make Me Ghost

- Turn your cut photos into Ghost photos and put them on scary backgrounds. Cut Photos are pasted on a Scary Background with Cut photos turned into Ghosts by adding ghost like hue on cut photos.

Ghost Photo Frames

- Scary Photo Frames that add Ghost photo frames to your photos to turn them into scary photos. Ghost photo frames comes in wide range of selection.

Santa in Photos

- Celebrate Christmas with Santa in Photos. We have wide range of Santa Photos that can be added to your photos. Surprise family with Santa in photos showing Santa pictures in your house. Create best Santa photos with Santa in your photos.

Wide Range of Ghost Photos lets you create any scenario to scare your friends with Ghost Pictures

Android 4.0+
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Download Ghost in Photo Prank - Ghost Stickers APK