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A fun and easy-to-use game with a pleasant interface and easy-to-use controls.The game does not need internet connection to play and the game does not need wifi connection to play.Kill all the ghosts you can and get the maximum points in your game. Play with your friends and get more points than them. This is a battle game against the ghosts that want to kill you.There are 5 types of ghosts and each of the ghosts has a different speed. Use the extra energy to kill all the ghosts with your super energy and your super speed.Use the gun or machine gun to kill the ghosts. With a lot of dead ghosts you can use the extra power that you can kill all the ghosts you have in a very easy way. This battle game is fun and easy.Ghost detector game is a free game for android, it is a game without internet to play and it is a game without wifi to play.It has beautiful graphics and is very easy to play. If you like ghosts this game is for you.

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Android 6.0+
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