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""Gem miner", in the way of three games, eliminate all unhappy.", in the way of three games, let the players experience the joy of earth and water, and eliminate all unhappy.Explore the unknown underworldExplore the mysteries of the underground, the excavation of the unknown world underground, the groundhog and small partners bravely set foot on the adventure of the journey, break through the layers of underground obstacles, to the deepest underground, what is waiting for them there?Appreciate the diverse landscapeWant to know what the landscape looks like? Then go underground with them and have a look! Different topographic structures can be seen in different geological strata.Gather your friends for an adventureAccompanied by the pilot, always protect the groundhog side, with their own diverse skills to help its deep underground, and in a time of crisis to help its escape danger! Will more friends join us as we explore the underground? Let's wait and see!Set off gorgeous and colorful special effectsPowerful props power, multiple elimination combination, rich changes in the formation, so that the elimination is not boring.Want to play can play to eliminateNo traffic at any time want to play on the play, let eliminate become arbitrary, eliminate all unhappy.

Magicell Studio
4.1 and up
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