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Welcome to the outstanding city of New Boston. Gangster town is open world challenging game with tons of quests and great storyline. Taste the life of a desperado fighting for his life. Complete story mode, rage attack citizen, hunt mafia or participate in insane chases by fastest cars. There is nothing impossible inside the game!


- Unstoppable action for hours of gameplay.

- Open world hiding danger on every step.

- Intrigueing story line with lots of side quests. Find yourself stealing millions in gold or fighting for a skilly bowl in sewers.

- Elite missions for truly hard skinned ones.

- Luxury equipment. Unlock all the crazy ammunition in shop!

- Costumize your hero. Get the prettiest outfit with best stats.

- AAA graphics and realistic physics.

- Free to play game.

Naxeex Studio
Android 4.1+
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