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Match 3 Games is an app that will help kids and adults to increase their brain power and memory skills. Kids and adults will develop cognition skills, recognition of objects and improves focus and concentration. An amazing Fruit adventure is waiting for you. The principle of this game is "three in a row", which means you have to switch two elements next to each other in order to get 3 or more similar gems in a row. At each level, you have a specific list of goals that need to be completed.- Colourful locations based on classic fairy tales- Thousands of interesting puzzles!- Fruits break to help you in your quest of puzzle bubble-solving- Beautiful graphics- Intense mystical atmosphere - All quests are available without additional fees- Fun and easy to play, rewarding and challenging to master- Its always fun to hear the sound of the fruits break and just can’t stop to playing it- Enjoy special rewards & events all the time!- Easily sync the game between mobile and unlock the full game features when connected to the InternetFree legendary fruit bubble matching game in fruit style. Connect fruits of the same color on a hexagonal dash. When you connect at least 3 fruits bubble, they will blast and fly away from the dash. The game is easy to play, but hard to master. It is not as easy to play as it seems at the first glance. In our game, by genre of "match 3" you can learn to be attentive, solve challenging puzzles and find unconventional, but effective solutions to any tasks! The game will have to taste for everyone! Install and check it!

Free Fruit Line Game World
Android 2.3.4+
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