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Farm Life is a game that simulate tasks of farmers who work on a big farm. With farm Life, Players are transformed into farmers do everything from planting and tending crops until harvest, hand-picking and buy breeding animals and care until maturity; experienced simultaneously, manually what makes the food manufacturing and food from agricultural products harvested in the animal feed crops. This brings the extremely interesting and attractive experiences. Are you ready to play and build their own farm in this game? Farm Life game has wonderful graphics interface glitter, nice photos of the countryside and rural soft sounds that makes up a great farm atmosphere.


+ This kind of game has been playing by over 100 million people all around the world!

+ Build the farm of your dreams with a plenty of buildings and decorations

+ Plant, harvest and produce over 100+ unique products!

+ Produce fresh foods and farm fresh goods

+ Take care of your lovely animals and raise chickens, cows, and pigs.....

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Android 4.0.3+
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