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Prank your friends or flee from awkward situations with the help of this simple app.If you need to fake a call nothing will cope better than this professional and very realistically looking fake call manager! Simulating calls can save you from lots of dangerous situations like awful dates, meaningless interviews, annoying meetings... just secretly launch the app and pretend you need to go somewhere else!You won't need to pay for answering a fake call, it's 100% free!Features: *Choose the simulating screen that perfectly imitates your phone: Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia etc. …*Create your own fake person to rescue you from scratch! Edit name, add photo and change number if that's what you want.*Schedule all your fake calls*Check out your fake call historyNotice: this is a prank app that does not give you real calls. Its whole purpose is to fake calls, so you could pull a prank and have fun.

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4.0 and up
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