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Count down to the occasions that matter to you with style, reminders, and voices with more than 5 million users worldwide! In Dreamdays, you can sort through your countdown events through categories and degrees of importance. You will be able to customize each countdown event with your personal background, record voice memos that reflect your feelings, and share your delight with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Main Functions & Highlights:

- Supports countdown to events and counting up once they arrive

- Six default categories (Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday, Life, School, Trip) and the ability to add new ones

- Voice memos to record your thoughts for each event

- Set your favorite event as cover with ease and style

- Push notifications to remind you of an arriving event

- Customizable background for each event

- Customizable order of events

- PIN protection to keep your privacy

- Widgets to keep track of your events directly from the home screen

- Share your delight with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

- Working on Android Wear!

- Calendar available

We are looking forward to your feedback so that we can keep on building on a product that matters to you :)

Guxiu Design
Android 4.1+
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