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Don't Touch My Phone - Alarm & Security App Description

Dont Touch My Phone - Theft Alarm

This application protect your mobile phone from theft and unknown people, who will try to open your mobile secretly without your permission. With this Anti theft app, you will not be afraid to let your mobile any where in your surroundings. This alarm keep safe your device from unknown people and thefts. If you activate the alarm,no one could touch it,because sound will be activated if any one touch or take the mobile.

How to Use

★ Click Start to activate the Anti theft Alarm

★ Place the device anywhere

★ If anyone touch the mobile, It will activate the alarm.

★ You will be notified.

Don't Touch My Phone App Uses

★ If anybody stolen your mobile

★ If your friends want to watch your private photos or videos

★ If anybody wants to get your personal data from your device

★ If afraid to leave your device in public places

★ If anyone want to read your private messages or information

★ If your children or family persons are using your mobile when you are not there

Highlight Features

★ Different types of alarm sounds

★ Password system to activate or deactivate anti theft alarm

★ Time delay for alarm sound

★ Notification to stop or start the app

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Visu Entertainment
Android 4.0.3+
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