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- The main function of the dodol keyboard1 . Supports multiple languages ​​and input methods  - English  - Thai  - Indonesian  - Arabic  - Korean ( Tenchijin , naratgeul , short vowels , bul Layout , Sky )  - Japanese  - Chinese  - Latin  - German  - Spanish  - Portuguese  - French  - Russian  - UkrainianTwo . Column 5 is the keyboard  - Numeric keyboard or the arrow on the top of the keyboard to the keyboard layout is availableThree . Split Layout SupportFour . Hardware keyboard support  - Basic and short vowels in hardware keyboard input method that you can useFive . And long press gesture support  - Press and hold a variety of gestures and commands that can be executedSix . The layout of the keyboard to suit your tastes and themes can be setSeven . Thousands of phone keyboard theme decorating applications can be applied in the BeautyPlay==========================================- dodol Keyboard Detail features1 . It can not come under any keyboard usabilityTwo . Free keyboard, which can be changed as desiredThree . BeautyPlay easy to work with this theme, the ability to changeFour . Easy configuration and many languages ​​/ input method support=========================================The keyboard is always to be developedIf you have any bugs or improving things function , please send e-mail to- Bugs and improvements Contact : [email protected] Affiliates Contact : [email protected]

OGQ for iconnect.
Android 4.1+
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