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Document Manager and Viewer is a free Office solution that offers easy viewing of Office documents such as Word, Excel, Slide, Text and PDF at one place. This is a very simple and user-friendly app. Get a list of all documents available in your smartphone at a single location.

Key Features

1) Quickly view Document File

Document Manager and Viewer is a freeware that you can use to Open and View any Word ( doc , docx), Excel ( xls, xlsx), Power Point ( ppt, pptx), Text and pdf document. It's a lightweight app.

2) PDF Reader / PDF Viewer

With PDF Reader, you can quickly open and view any PDF file. Use this PDF reader to read receipts, notes, documents, photos, business cards and eBook. You can directly copy text, share and print PDF file.

3) Document files indexing and manage

Document Manager / Document Viewer is to provide all files arrange into the last folder structure. It searches all file from internal and external storage. It helps to find to a particular document on a single touch. It also supports file manager structure. Its help file is actually where the location is available. A single file with show his full name, extension, size, full path, and last modified date.

4) Recent Files

It helps jump to a recent file which you last view document.

5) Compress Files

Document Manager and Viewer have also supported the compass file open the file extension like ZIP and RAR format.

6) Text Scanner OCR

Text Scanner OCR module you can extract text from picture. Text Scanner OCR converts the scanned text to editable and translates the text, copy and share. You can make text and PDF file directly.

7) Bunch of file pickup

Normally, when we required attach multiple files that are too difficult because every file has a different location. The app supports easy pickup files from different locations because it contains the proper folder indexing concept.

8) Light weight & Offline Document Reading

It is a lightweight app. After installing the app no need for an internet connection for file reading. It works anywhere, anytime.

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Android 4.4+
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