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When an adult or a child gets hurt or ill they definitely needs care and

treatment. And only a hospital and a real doctor can help him to get well. After

all, only a good doctor can cure even the most serious illness! The same

thing happens to animals. Practically children's and animal hospitals aren’t

different; both children and animals need emergency medical care. And to

give your kids a positive experience of visiting a hospital and being afraid of

no doctors we created this fascinating game which continues our series of

educational games for children: «Bear the Doctor."

Playing the game your baby have an opportunity to find out what to be doctor

really is, what he does. Children can try his hands and find out how patients

are treated and how they can be treated as soon as possible. Baby learns

various types of treatment for diseases and all kinds of injuries, treat animals

for fractures, dislocations, colds, eye and ear diseases. Drive an ambulance

and quickly rush to the victim to help. Perform operations and save virtual

pets from all kinds of health problems. Understand what an ambulance is and

how it saves patients.

Our game about doctor is very informative and fascinating. It can show your

baby a lot of interesting things. And if your child likes to play games about

hospitals this one is a godsend. Come on! The animal clinic is already open!

Start treating! Prove that you are the best doctor in the whole world!

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Android 4.4+
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