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Disco Light™ LED Flashlight App Description

Disco Light is the ultimate party app and a flashlight app! Never miss a phone call with the strobe light notification (flash LED will blink when the phone is ringing). It also includes a home screen and lock screen flashlight widget.

The app has many modes like; Disco Light, Flashlight, Strobe light, Morse, Shake-it, Police lights and Marquee text.

* Disco light mode will turn your flash LED on and off with the surrounding sound. Your phone will become a graphical equalizer.

* Strobe light mode works like a stroboscope. The Strobe light speed can be set in the settings menu.

* Brightest flashlight

* Morse mode will flash your custom set text in Morse code

* Shake-it mode will turn the camera flash on and off when you are shaking the phone or dancing with it.

* Police lights mode simulates a cop light

* Flashlight widget support

* Call light flash

* Marquee text scroller

If you find any problems with the application, please E-mail us.

Guro Labs
Android 2.3.2+
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