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Desert King | كنق الصحراء - تطعيس App Description

Desert King | كنق الصحراء - تطعيس

Enjoy the game and experience a real-life dune bashing in the Saudi Desert with special modified cars and maps designed for dune bashing with the ability to customize your character.

Make yourself the King of Desert

Challenge your friends while playing online by creating private or public rooms to let your friends join.

Be The Shanab and show off your skills in sand cruising on the desert maps to win points and upgrade the car’s parts.

Enhance the car’s performance by:

- upgrading car engine for maximum speed

- upgrade the nitro for better acceleration.

- upgrade brakes for better handling

- and many more upgrades

Customize the physical appearance on your own:

- change color

- write your slogans on the front and rear glass.

- you can change the size of tires to compatible with the maps

- lift your car by changing the size of the wheels to maintain your control while drifting on the sand

- and much more enhancement for your car's appearance

Make it worth the challenge and compete with your friends by creating your own private or public room to Drift on the sand with them at different times and seasons including:

❄️ Snowy weather

🌧️ Rainy weather

🌞 Sunny weather

More importantly, make your own video with a video recording button inside the game, or even you can take screenshots with high quality to upload it on social media or resend them to us to show off your skills with your friends.

Download it now, it’s never too late

Important Notes:

- The

Desert King

game is intended for fun only, don’t practice these actions in real life as it endangers your life and the lives of others.

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