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Play through beautiful, zen-like miniature worlds where you manipulate the sun to grow a tree in each of the 38 puzzles - it's a perfect Daydream VR game for everyone. *** NOW ON SALE! ****** WITH FREE WINTER EXPANSION! *** HAND CRAFTEDEvery puzzle feels like a unique, hand-crafted tiny world floating in the sky. Making excellent use of VR, you are put right into a responsive, tangible, elegant place.EASY TO USEUsing the Daydream controller, intuitive controls allow you to manipulate the position of the Light and rotate objects. It has been designed to be easy for everyone to pick up, enjoy and complete.ATMOSPHERICAudio provides a rich backdrop, highlighting every action and creating a soothing experience.GREAT EVOLVING VR EXPERIENCEClaro is a perfect introduction to VR for anyone! Frequent updates ensure the title continues to improve and take advantage of the latest VR has to offer.

7.0 and up
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