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Car Merger! Collect Circles, Avoid Boxes, Don't Miss Circles In Car Merger! New Car Merger! Cars Do you want to try maddening speed?,Endless Road Building and One of the most Waited Racing Time Game Arrived With New Car Merger Game! Active your Thumb And burn the Roads In Traffic,Real speedy race starts Car Merger! now.full speed and target the corner with fantastic 22 Seconds Car Road best fun Endless Road Builder time in racing in HardWay CarSimple controls Endless Road Builder with Super Addictive 22 Seconds cars Game play of racing in cars , Kill your Time Racing Time,The joy of coming in as the first beating all the rivals in the street race, Merge, manage, race!Best Challenges of fun Mascot Car Dunks Time , Be Ready Blast the Racing in cars Time

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Android 2.3.2+
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